Model reveals just how Indian Disney Princesses Would seem like, many Look Better Than Originals

Model and Make-up musician Hamel Patel decided recently to-do exactly what countless women did through the years, play dress-up and recreate Disney Princesses.

Hamel is from new york, but she pays homage to her household history by reinterpreting classic characters particularly snow-white and Cinderella in a vintage Indian design. Well-known for its tints, streaming clothes and ornate precious jewelry, Indian style completely complements the dream and imagination for the Disney princess.

“Growing up I always wanted there is a Disney Princess i really could relate with, one that represented in which we came from,” she blogged on Instagram. “Introducing outfits/makeup looks motivated because of the eight original Disney Princesses most of us was raised watching, with some desi twist!”

Scroll down below to look at the gorgeous pics, and don’t forget to vote for the favourite!

Instagram model Hamel Patel chose to take a series of Disney princess themed photographs, with an Indian twist

#1 Jasmine

#2 Snow White

# 3 Pocahontas

# 4 Cinderella

# 5 Belle

#6 Ariel

# 7 Mulan

#8 Princess Aurora

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